Strive for Excellence

  • The ethos of the school is rightly captured in its motto Strive for Excellence and this is achieved through a unique and well-defined curriculum, as well as a strong emphasis on “Learning Beyond the Classroom”.
    Principles Guiding our Process:
  •  A focus on student engagement and learning
  • A culture of teamwork and collaboration
  • Respect for adult and student diversity
  • A strong sense of community and collective responsibility
  • Strong Systemic Structures Ongoing and relevant communication of student learning.


Frontline International School  seeks students with the potential to benefit from the school’s unique academic and enrichment programme. We welcome students from  Kindergarten-1(EYFS) to Grade 8


With advanced state-of-the-art facilities , we are equipped to teach and develop skills in students by offering experiential learning.


The school is committed to an International Cambridge Curriculum in order to allow the children maximum versatility in their future lives.


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Character Education

A place where we hope inspire and create long love of reading.


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Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow
Motto : Strive for Excellence

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From the Principal’s Message-

“Frontline International School  sees the responsibility for students’ outcomes not as the duty of a few, but the responsibility of everyone. High-quality leadership of teaching and learning, including establishing systems to ensure that each child’s needs are known and met precisely, for rapid improvements in the quality of teaching across the school are our prime concerns.”

“Clearly focused on optimizing students achievement and establishing an exemplary  School with a purposeful and ethical learning culture, involving students, professionals, parents, and the wider community, with the highest standards of professional conduct and cultural sensitivity, together with secure, evidence-based judgements.”

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