Our Vision

Building a Community of Lifelong Learners that demonstrate the Knowledge,Skills and Values required for Productive Global Citizenship.

Our Mission Statement

To nurture the innate potential of our students and mould them into passionate, committed, competent, sensitive and ethical individuals with leadership qualities.

Core Values

Provide a congenial learning environment for the holistic development of each student.

Offer vital care to pupils through a team of qualified and trained teachers, educators applying the best educational practices.

Ensure discipline and ethical practices in the school campus and promote student welfare.

Work in local, national and global partnership in order to strengthen curriculum links and promote an awareness of the wider world.

Create a welcoming atmosphere in school where children, staff, parents and visitors feel valued.

Ensure that our pupils feel safe and secure and enjoy coming to school.

Frontline International School is truly an extraordinary place of learning.

Our talented staff provides each student with rigorous standards, high quality academics.