Is British Curriculum School Right For Your Child?

The course your child takes for education can be a driving factor for their career. Hence, as a parent, it becomes significant that you choose the right course of study for your children to pursue in school.

Every course has its own set of benefits. But given how easy but successful it is, the Cambridge curriculum is becoming increasingly popular, with most parents adopting it for their children. It helps them prepare for excellence in British universities and beyond.

International coursework is available at the Cambridge curriculum school. However, it also includes strategies that include local features and perspectives. This board is adaptable, competitive, and motivating at the same time.

Thus, the Cambridge curriculum has risen to prominence. Do you want to provide your kids with a better academic experience? Are you wondering if British curriculum schools in Ajman are worth it? If so, we’ve put together all the reasons why you should consider it. Read ahead!

An Overview Of The British Curriculum

Established in 1858, the Cambridge board arose from the well-known Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. The goal was to raise academic standards by delivering quality assessments to students.

It combines core academic foundations, co-curricular activities, and holistic learning. This concept allows students to communicate with people from many fields. It assists them in making connections.

This curriculum emphasises problem-solving training and effective presenting skills. These schools adopt an integrated strategy to assist students in becoming global citizens. The course presents a clear educational route. It helps students achieve their school, college, and eventually professional objectives.

The curriculum includes schooling programmes with several advantages for children aged 5 to 19. Approximately 8 million students from 10,000 schools in 170 countries take up this course every year, according to Cambridge International.

Top Reasons Why The British Curriculum Is Right For Your Child

Creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability are significant in the British educational system. It provides a set of measurable and realistic objectives. The method emphasises strengthening past knowledge while also preparing learners for the future.

Following are the top reasons why the British curriculum is suitable for your child and why you should consider enrolling them in the best schools in Ajman:

Global Recognition

The Cambridge program is international. Many institutions and organisations worldwide use it as a conventional education metric. The course is versatile, challenging, and engaging. Besides that, it is multicultural and international.

Cambridge students acquire an analytical mind and an insatiable desire to study. They also gain the skills necessary to excel in college and in their future employment.

In addition, students can combine the Cambridge syllabus with other national curricula in schools. Kids who shift from one school to another can finish their studies using the same curriculum. Several schools and universities accept this curriculum and certifications.

Cambridge credentials are well-acknowledged globally. Nearly every university in the UK and worldwide accepts it. A Cambridge diploma is immensely valuable. It will also be helpful during one’s academic and professional career.

Cambridge diplomas are validated by over 2,100 institutions and colleges in the world. They apply to nearly 800 universities around the United Kingdom. Colleges and businesses value these qualifications as proof of academic achievement.

A Variety Of Subjects

Students can choose from over 70 disciplines based on their interests and future aspirations. They can choose from over 50 topics at the A level and over 50 courses at the IGCSE level. This instils a passion for learning in children, which Cambridge values.

British curriculum schools in Ajman also provide a diverse choice of subjects to assist in your child’s complete development.

Four Key Stages

The British program is in 4 ‘Key Stages,’ each of which is a one-year academic unit. Students are tested at the conclusion of each Key Stage. The first Key Stage spans between the ages of two and five.

The primary level is made up of the KS1 and KS2 levels. Children in the KS1 level are aged 5 to 7, while those in the KS2 stage are aged 8 to 11.

Secondary levels include KS3 (ages 12 to 14) and KS4 (ages 15 to 18). These stages provide educators with a comprehensive view of a child’s intellectual growth. It also offers solutions to assist students in achieving their educational goals.

Valuable Assessments

An excellent education revolves around competent assessment. These tests are fair, lawful, dependable, and beneficial. This indicates a student’s aptitude, regardless of exam time or place.

As a result, their analyses are valuable in the short and long term. They might serve as a lifetime passage to further education or a job. This program identifies what matters most to youngsters. They evaluate extensive domain knowledge, conceptual comprehension, and exceptional cognitive talents.

They also assess students who speak English as a second or foreign language. Their versatile, linear evaluation technique maximises learning and teaching time. It also fosters a cooperative learning environment.

Development Outside Of The Classroom

The British Curriculum values academics and education. Consequently, these institutions encourage pupils to participate in extracurricular activities. Schools that offer this curriculum also have sports and performing arts to choose from.

These schools also have a strong sense of competitiveness and community. They additionally help students develop their arguing, communication, questioning, and problem-solving skills. This is beneficial when kids attend colleges and jobs.

Engaging With Communities

British curriculum schools in Ajman establish and control their own local communities. These groups work together in areas including education management, curriculum planning, career opportunities, and teaching. It aids in the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

These community groups support new Cambridge schools and those that are in transition. They also collaborate to give students training and activities. Sports days and discussion groups are a few such examples.

At the same time, it also connects Cambridge teachers. Teachers exchange ideas, information, and resources. This occurs both online and in person in professional learning groups. This allows them to learn from each other.

Final Thoughts

As a parent, you will always seek the best options for your kids. When it comes to education, you must select the best curriculum and school to put your child’s life on the right track. British curriculum schools in Ajman are a perfect choice as they are exceptionally credible and thorough!

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