General Rules

The health of each student is a priority to us. Not only as a concern for their general wellbeing but because the health of a child is an important factor in the learning process.

The school has a well-equipped Health Room which is staffed by three fully qualified nurses. 

We take the security of our school and students very seriously. As a result we regularly review our security practices, both inside and outside the school grounds and building. Whether our students are in class, on a school trip or at a sports day, we implement strict security measures to protect them at all times.

Most of the security services are outsourced with  a leading international security group. CCTV has been installed throughout the building .

The guards are equipped with two-way radios, metal detectors for bag searches, batons, and have a telephone at main gate. Regular fire drills are also carried out throughout the school building.

All parents must carry and show a named parent smart card; all visitors must sign in and be issued a Visitor’s Pass. There are no exceptions

All visitors are required to enter from the Visitor Centre and need to carry a government issued ID card. No-one is allowed entry without an appointment and the guards only allow anyone in after checking with the concerned staff.

All gates are guarded throughout the day. All the entry/exit points are covered under CCTV surveillance. Regular patrolling of school premises takes place.

In case of an emergency, the following facilities and resources (outside the school) will be used:

  • Access to Police
  • Access to Hospital
  • The facilities and resources inside the school are:
  • ID cards for employees and visitors
  • Sign-in registers for staff and visitors and a transfer register between Primary and secondary