Smart learning at the best ajman international school

From basics to the core, getting the best education is one of the important aspects of every individuals’ life. Being the best ajman international school, we at frontline understand the struggle of every parent to offer his/her kid the best learning experience. Therefore, being the best school in ajman, we strive to maintain and achieve a positive and caring environment, where your child’s individual diversity is appreciated and recognized.

School in Ajman

Exemplary teaching methods at frontline-the finest ajman international school

FIPS being the top most among the list of private schools in ajman imparts fundamental educational practices that implement individual components of academic plans. It is indeed needless to state that frontline ajman is the most opted ajman international school for education because it excels in teaching complex problem solving skills, critical thinking and high order reasoning techniques to its students and helps them in understanding and navigating through today’s global community. With the smart british curriculum FIPS is considered to be one of a kind british school in ajman.


The ajman international school with the best british curriculum

FIPS is indeed ranked the top among the schools in ajman with british curriculum. This is because the school promises to teach students what lies behind the grades through this optimal British curriculum with outstanding guidance from our expert faculties at every step. This curriculum develops, fosters and supports a student to become a globally accredited individual of immense value. Hence, it is needless to say that Frontline is undeniably the best ajman international school.


World-class facilities at Frontline

With creative art and music studios, spacious classrooms, multipurpose halls to large sports facilities and exquisite libraries, frontline is ranked the top among the schools in ajman. You as student can think out of the box at the creative studios, play tirelessly at the huge sport fields, munch in your goodies at the lunch rooms, pick out the book you like at the enormous library and last but not the least experience an out of the world study environment in the well-lit spacious classrooms. With all these, frontline ajman is indeed the best among the british curriculum schools in ajman.

School in Ajman

Admissions that are hassle free-only at frontline

As compared to the numerous schools such as american school ajman, ajman academy school, the little leaders school ajman, FIPS offers ajman private school fees that are economical and affordable. Therefore, FIPS is no doubt the cheapest school in ajman that offers the best education, rich learning environments nominal schools fees as compared to the other ajman school fees. So why wait? Get your child enrolled now at FIPS. Give us a ring or drop in the mail for more details.