Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message



Dear Students, staff and Parents,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year !

The frontline international private School vision aims to educate our learners to take their productive place as leaders in the Global Community to be lifelong learners. Curriculum emphasises the acquisition of Knowledge, understanding, critical thinking, problem solving, thus inspiring and preparing learners to thrive in the 21st Century. Learners are continually encouraged to respect and appreciate the unity in diversity by caring every individual, to promote the ethos of collaboration and mutual respect leading towards being an inclusive School as is the vision 2021 of the Leaders of UAE.

I strongly believe that participation in academic and cocurricular activities and a willingness to act responsibly as an individual within our educational environment would ensure our students have a successful and enjoyable year.

Our teachers are qualified and effective enough in creating opportunities for intellectual risk taking, collaboration, problem solving and application of classroom learning to real life situations. They share and discuss exemplary practices, interpret student performance data, design assessments and encourage students to participate in the International standardised evaluations like Cat4, Progress test and other benchmark evaluations which support the progress in the Curriculum and attainment.

I strongly believe in the positive learning outcomes through frequent collaboration of teachers, parents and administrators ascertaining an effective communication which is transparent and professional by all means. The Parents have access to an interactive FIPS website where they can retrieve pertinent information about their child’s academic achievement.  You are encouraged to consistently explore our website and update information as regards to our exciting academic and co-curricular activities, Newsletters, Circulars, Weekly plans.

Our strategic planning and learner friendly ambience have made us carve a niche amongst the reputed Schools of Ajman within a short span of one year.

I wish you all a wonderful School yearIn closing, I look forward to working with you and becoming a partner in your child’s education.  I can be reached at 



Saleema Mahmoodi